Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight the wall panels?

About 20% less than all other similar types of stone and brick veneer products. All our panels vary in weight between all the product lines we are offering. Most of the panels are only 12 oz to 1 lb. per square foot.

Do you offer a warranty on your wall panels?

Yes, we offer a 30-year limited warranty.

Can I attach your wall panels to concrete or brick?

Yes, the panels can be attached to any concrete or brick surface.

How do I cut the wall panels?

Cutting the panels is easy! You can use any wood cutting tool.

Can I use your wall panels around my Fireplace/Stove?

When using our panels around an open hearth where there will be a “live flame” (i.e., wood, coal, etc.), it is recommended that you use some type of a stone or nonflammable border (minimum 6″) before starting our panels, and then use Class A fire rated panels for the area immediately surrounding the opening. Please note that anytime our panels are used and there is any chance of a live flame or embers coming in contact with the panel, that we recommend using a Class A fire rating. Also, please note that a Class A fire rating makes the panels more fire and heat retardant, it does not make them fire proof, therefore, our product is not suitable for the inside of your hearth/firebox. Other than this, our standard panels can be utilized with the same clearances observed as the Fireplace/Stove manufacturer recommends for any standard paneling material or sheetrock (Class B Materials). You also must adhere to any, and all, building and/or fire codes concerning clearances that are applicable in your area.

Are the wall panels easy to install?

Yes, our paneling is easily installed using the appropriate screw. See the installation Instructions or complete details.

Can I use your panels on my mobile home as skirting?

Yes, our panels are a simple and inexpensive way to beautify your mobile home. Our panels can be used as a skirting or wainscoting in any interior or exterior application.

What kind of surface can the panels be attached to?

The panels can be adhered to almost any relatively flat surface that is sound (not crumbling or peeling), clean, and dry.

Do you protect your panels from fading?

Yes, our panels offer a near zero color degradation (about 1% over a span of 10-20 years depending on your conditions).

Do you make custom colors, sizes, and textures?

Yes, for large volume orders it’s possible to have your very own custom design. Please call us for more information +1 619-906-8244 or email

Can the panels be used as flooring?

No, they are to be used on walls and ceilings only.

Where can the panels be used?

Anywhere you want the look of brick, stone, bamboo or wood. The panels are perfect for inside or outside in any residential or commercial application.

Is there any maintenance needed?

After the paneling is installed, no maintenance is required!

What sizes do panels come in?

Most of our panels are 48″ width x 24″ height.

Can the panels be used outside?

YES! These panels were specially formulated to resist moisture, sun fading, insects, and pests.

What are they made of?

High-density rigid polyurethane foam.

What do the panels feel like? Do they feel real?

The panels are molded from real brick, stone, wood, etc. Therefore, they feel just like the real thing.

If I am a builder, designer or architect, can I get a discount?

For more information please call us +1 619-906-8244 or email

Can I use your faux stone panels as a skirting around my house?


How do the panels ship?

5 panels to a box.

Are my panels waterproof?

Yes, no need to worry. These panels are perfect for all climates. They’re impervious to sun fading, water, animal or insect attacks.

How do I clean the panels?

Cleaning the panels is easy. For exterior applications, simply rinse them down with a garden hose. For interior applications, you can wash them with soap and water or a mild detergent.

What is the installation R-value?

Average R-value of 2.8.

Can I use the stone panels in my shower?

Yes, our panels are completely waterproof and durable. When cleaning, please use only a mild detergent and make sure not to use any harsh or bleach-based cleaners. The panels are sealed in with a polyurethane sealer for easier cleaning if needed.

How is it made?

Molds are made using real rock, stone, and brick as the master mold then; using a proprietary process, liquid polyurethane is introduced into the mold forming the exact clone of the original.

Will I need special tools to install the panels?

No. Just the typical tools found in the average home shop should be enough to handle most home projects.

How do I know how much grout to use?

It is recommended to order 1 tube per 4 panels.

What if I don’t want to install myself?

Anyone with basic understanding of carpentry or drywall can easily install the panels.

What type of fastener is used to install the Panels?

The panels were designed with ease of installation in mind, therefore, depending on the substrate; a good quality screw will work.

How will the panels handle the elements?

The panels passed ASTM G 155-05 Standard Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials 2000 hrs.

How much waste should I calculate for my project?

5% waste is standard for long runs and walls with little cuts. Factor 10%-15% for mansards, gables and other areas requiring an extreme amount of cuts.

How real do the panels look?

Everyone has the same reaction when they see our panels for the first time. They have to actually pick up a panel see how light it is.

What do the edges look like?

The edges are finished in the same color as the panel.

How many styles are there?

There are 9 styles: Austin Stone, Bamboo, Barn Wood, Brick, Dry Stack Stone, Random Rock, River Rock, Stack Stone, Stone Wall.

Are there colors (finishes) to choose from?

Yes. See the website We also provide an opportunity to order personalized finishes.

How thick are the panels?

3/4″ to 1½” thick.

What accessories do you offer for your lines?

To complement our panels, we offer: Corners, Ledgers, Window/Door trim, Columns Wraps, Wall Caps, Electrical Outlet.

Are the wall panels safe for my child to be around? Are the panels toxic?

Our panels are non-toxic and have no off-gasses. They are completely safe for both adults and children.

What is the benefit of buying your interlocking panels?

The benefit to using Interlocking panels is that it gives a realistic seamless look of stone, brick, or rock. There is no need to hire a mason to install our panels or siding. Our products are less expensive than real stone or manufactured stone veneer products.

Are your wall panels safe in the kitchen and as a backsplash?

Our panels are safe to use in the kitchen. Use a mild soap to clean them.

If I was to install the panels in my basement, which can be damp, will it ruin or lessen the life expectancy of the product?


Can I use your panels underwater (pond, pool, aquarium, under a waterfall)?


When installing the panels, if I drill the screws in wrong will the panel crack?

No, they will not crack! There is no splintering or flaking with our panels.

Can I hang pictures on the wall panels?


How do I store the wall panels?

All our panels and siding should be stored flat. If the panels are laid on edge for a long period of time they could eventually bow, this is especially true in warm weather or in the sun. If your panels are stored in an upright position and happen to bow, lay them flat in a warm room or sun and they will self-correct.

At what temperature should I store the wall panels?

Room temperature.

Do you offer fire rated products?

Yes. ASTM E-84 Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials passed with Class A.